Right now I’m watching the setting sun again, which hides its fiery red ball a bit behind the trees. The silence is filled with birds that let their melody of joy resound once again. In the morning I was able to immerse myself in the security where the thought substance has let go of the […]


n the morning I really enjoyed the singing of the birds. Yesterday wrote with Lakshmi how she communicates with some birds. A crow flew to her. Interestingly, a crow also sat on a post with me. Somehow everything in our world is connected to a fine network. With my crow, I was too slow to […]


Today we have a rainy day. This is very pleasant. I live in a guest house as it used to be built in the culture of the Tamils. It has square floor plan. In the middle is a free space in which the water is collected when it rains. I live on the 1st floor. […]


The first night in DakshinaChittra was relaxing. The drive from Tiruvannamalai here was exhausting. Elumalai accompanied us. I was sitting in the back and since the windows were all open, a hot wind blew right into my face. Once here, I realized how confused everything was in my head.I have heard that this “oasis of […]


Yesterday evening finally I had a good connection to the inner consciousness again. The energy came from above and brought me security and joy. Already in the last few days I noticed that during the meditation it smelled of incense. In this hotel I have never smelled anything like this. The smell was particularly intense. […]


Heute habe ich meine erste Ayurveda Ölmassage bekommen. Sie hat viel aufgewühlt in mir. Jetzt bin ich dabei die Energien zu harmonisieren. Anschließend saß ich in einem Dampfbad. Im Ashram waren heute etwas mehr Leute. Der alte Tempel ist geschlossen. Elumalai hat mir Bilder vom Bull Festival gesendet, das vor 3 Tagen mit viel Lärm […]


Das ist der Eingang zum Tempel. Dieser Baum nimmt jeden Besucher in seine Hand Vorgestern sind wieder diese schönen Symbole auf den Boden gemalt worden, auch im Tempel. Alles ist mit Blumen geschmückt. Auch in meinem Hotel wurde dieses Kunstwerk aufgemalt Gestern dauerte mir das Warten auf eine ayurvedische Ölmassage zu lange. Im Google Maps […]

Indien20220109 English und Deutsch

Dear friends! Today is 9.1.2022. I am sitting in my small hotel room in Tiruvannamalei. Outside it is pleasantly warm, with clear skies. When landing at 1:40 (local time, 4 1/2 hours difference to us) it was 27 degrees. When I wanted to leave the airport grounds, there was a  huge  horn concert from the […]

Meine Reise nach Indien 2022

Dieses Mal habe ich mir keinen bestimmten Plan gemacht. Ich fliege über DOHA nach Chennai. Dort klimatisiere ich mich für 3 – 4 Tage, treffe Lakshmi und Balaji, der eine Kriya Gruppe leitet. Dann besuche ich für 4 – 5 Tage den Ashram von Ramana Maharishi in Tiruvanamalai. Ich versuche mit dem Höheren Selbst so […]